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Work My Shift is not just any network; it's a network where the happiness of its members while using the online platform is dependent on everyone being respectful and contribute in a positive way. This involves hospitality professionals and businesses working together in perfect harmony, fulfilling shift requirements effortlessly.

While playing nice may seem like common sense, we still ask everyone to read and abide by the guidelines provided, whether online or offline. Following these guidelines will not only help you fill and find shifts, earn extra income, form new business relationships and friendships, but will also build your reputation that will help secure future work opportunities.

Network Guidelines and Compliance Induction:

  • If you are ill or experiencing COVID symptoms, do not attend work. Stay home, seek medical attention, or advise.
    Do not apply for any shifts, and if you have already committed to as shift, inform the business contact as soon as possible. Giving plenty of notice, will possibly assist in providing a venue time to replace you.
  • It is essential for businesses to ensure that they adhere to the applicable workplace laws and regulations. All shifts executed are compliant in accordance with Fair Work legislation.
  • All breaks must be offered as per Fair Work legislation.
  • Split Shifts are not accepted on Work My Shift Platform. If a business operates in Split shifts, they must be offered as two hospitality professional shift listings on the Work My Shift platform.
  • Hospitality professionals must possess a legal entitlement to perform any task they agree to, and if required, provide proof of their right to work in Australia.
  • Everyone must be 18 years and over to use and participate in any shift from the Work My Shift platform.
  • Hospitality professionals who accept a Gaming, Wagering or Bar / Function Shift that requires the hospitality professionals to serve alcohol during their shift, must possess a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate applicable by laws and regulations in accordance with their respective state and territory they are working in, and provide proof when requested.
  • Hospitality professionals who accept a Gaming Shift, must possess a current Gaming Licence and the respective accreditation certificates applicable by laws and regulations in accordance with their state and territory they are working in. Hospitality professionals must always carry their current gaming licence identification with them whilst on shift.
  • Hospitality professionals who accept any Wagering (TAB) shifts, must possess current compliance accreditation in accordance to Wagering legal legislation and compliance regulations by TABCORP or wagering service providers within their state or territory of work.
  • Hospitality professionals can upload and display all current certificates they have on their profile page for a venue or business entity to access.
  • A business must set up a valid credit card or debit card prior to offering any shifts. All completed shift work must be paid at the completion of that shift by a credit card or debit card.
  • It is a business’s responsibility to ensure that all shift account payments are not dishonoured. Penalty fees apply to all dishonoured payments of a $75 Dishonour Fee will apply.
  • In support of the AML / CTF legislation, Work My Shift does not support Tips via the platform, however, it is at the discretion of the business entity’s policies and must be paid outside of the Work My Shift platform.
  • Work My Shift will not accept payments of Cash or Non-Cash alternatives such as food and beverage vouchers, gift cards or credits, nor any barter trades or equivalent value in place of payment for a shift.
  • On shift completion the hospitality professionals must verify before leaving, their worked shift duration with the business. Within 48 hours from the shift end time, the business is required to record the duration of the shift in the app's timesheet which in turn, triggers payment to the worker. If the actual duration worked differs from the agreed duration mentioned in the shift advertisement, the actual duration worked should be entered in the timesheet.
  • Once a shift has been authorised, the business and hospitality professionals will be prompted to rate and review their experience using our Work My Shift Star Rating Rewards System.
  • The responsibility of your account lies solely with you, the hospitality professionals and or business and it cannot be shared, sold, or transferred to another hospitality professionals or entity.
  • Work My Shift requires that all applications to join the platform be submitted with authentic and verifiable information. Prior to commencing any shifts, Work My Shift payment processor 'Stripe' conducts a comprehensive ID verification for every user.
  • Each Hospitality professionals is allowed to have only one account on the platform, and duplicate accounts will be deleted. It is important to note that business accounts are distinct from personal accounts. An owner or manager may establish a business account, and only one business account per location can be created. The owner has the authority to delegate the hiring responsibility to another user.
  • Work My Shift has been designed to ensure that all users have the upmost benefits with a positive experience. Engaging in dishonest or destructive behaviour may lead to suspension or banishment.
  • By registering with Work My Shift, non-employee contractors are acknowledging that they will be considered as independent contractors and are required to have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) and TFN to work in Australia. Before applying for shifts, hospitality professionals must make sure to complete their profile, which involves providing their verified bank account's Account and BSB details as well as a valid ABN & TFN.
  • Once the financial year ends on 30th June, as a Work My Shift contractor, it is mandatory to report the earnings you made in a fiscal year via Work My Shift's platform to the ATO. This information is crucial in determining your tax liability. In July of each year, we furnish you with a summary of your income earned through Work My Shift, which can aid you in declaring your income.
  • All hospitality professionals are required to read the shift description details and look at the business location to ensure the shift is suited to their skill level and can attend to the business location.
  • Work My Shift have an hourly rate structure which complies with Fair Work, however businesses have the option and are encouraged to pay above award rates and include incentives such as travel rate expense, accommodation for any shift that is rural or 60km + from Melbourne CBD and is an overnight Shift, including more Incentive offers, to make working a shift more enticing.
  • All shift offers that have been accepted are final. Once an offer has been accepted, there is the expectation that a hospitality professionals will attend and work that shift. A business cannot delete or cancel a shift that has been accepted and must follow through with the commitment.
  • Work My Shift encourage and support positive experiences and a fair working environment, thus believing a duration of a shift should be a minimum of 5 hours going above and beyond the Fair Work legislation, promotes loyalty and good work environment ethics.
  • Once a shift has started, the business can end a shift earlier but no less than 5 hours minimum in events that a trading pattern day is slower than expected. In the event a shift is cut short, the full span of hours advertised will be paid. In the event a Hospitality professional cuts a shift short, then only the hours worked will be paid and the adjustment and reason will need to be reported and approved upon closing that shift on the platform by the business.
  • To ensure a smooth start to the shift, it is recommended that a hospitality professionals and business get in contact with each other prior to shift commencement. By doing this, it opens communication between the parties and provides an opportunity to discuss what is expected in relation to uniform, footwear and any other matters that need to be discussed prior to shift commencement.
  • Default Uniform & Presentation:
    In an event where the uniform standards of a business have not been discussed prior to the commencement of a shift, all hospitality professionals will comply with the default uniform:
    Black Shirt, Black Pants, Black flat closed toed shoes.
    Hair should be well groomed in style and presentation, any long hair (Shoulder length or longer) should be tied back with a plain hair band and any extra-long hair to be plaited or in a bun.
  • Hospitality professionals Presentation:
    Due to the close contact with patrons, guests, and other workers within that business, it is crucial to ensure your personal hygiene and presentation is at an exceptional level. You are representing yourself as a hospitality professional and ensuring your personal hygiene and your presentation is at a high standard will be looked upon favourably by businesses.
  • Arrival Times:
    We advise hospitality professionals to arrive at the workplace before the scheduled start time. The arrival time is different to the shift start time and arriving earlier by 10 minutes gives time to introduce yourself to the business and become familiar with the work environment. It's worth noting that arriving late could have an adverse effect on a hospitality professionals performance evaluation.
  • Professional Conduct:
    There is a level of expectation that all hospitality professionals and business representatives will behave in a professional and respectful manner that fosters support, encouragement, and loyalty. All users must treat each other with respect and under no circumstances abusive behaviour be tolerated and may be cause for your account to be suspended or banned.
  • Network Guideline Breach:
    Non-compliance to the Network Guidelines will lead to your account being either suspended or banned. Please reach out to REPORT any network guidelines misconduct by emailing: with a subject line: Network Guidelines Breach.
  • Compliance & Accreditation:
    It is the Hospitality professional’s responsibility to maintain a current industry specific licence, and any industry specific accreditation such as but not limited too; Gaming Licences, RSG Module Certificates, RSA certificates, TAB Basics, TAB Compliance, First Aid accreditation that is relevant to their specific state and territory they are performing a shift. Furthermore, it is the hospitality professional’s responsibility to ensure they adhere to regulatory compliance such as but not limited too; Self Exclusion, YourPlay, Betcare, and it is the hospitality professional’s responsibility to also seek where these compliance documentations are located within each business venue.
  • Above & Beyond:
    Attitude is everything. Having a fired up and ready to go energy, with a positive can-do attitude is what distinguishes good workers and exceptional ones. Be genuine with your approach, take responsibility for your actions, turn up and step up, be open minded and mindful, embrace knowledge and go above and beyond to create an exceptional experience. Possessing these qualities, will give you greater opportunities within the hospitality industry. Be the best version of you.
  • Social Media:
    It is not permissible for users to share confidential contact information or share links to third-party sites (such as Facebook and Instagram) that go beyond the information that is publicly visible on their profiles.
  • Shift Cancellations:
    If you cancel a shift, it could have negative consequences for your fellow hospitality workers who rely on that income, as well as put unnecessary strain on the remaining team. Therefore, it's important to plan ahead and only commit to shifts that you are sure you can fulfill. Cancelling a shift at the last minute is unprofessional and unfair to everyone else, which is why our cancellation policy is in place. If you cancel a shift within 24 hours of its start time, your account will be locked. However, this policy will not penalize hospitality professionals who are sick. If you are unwell, please cancel the shift using the app and inform the manager immediately. Once you provide a medical certificate, the lock will be removed promptly. To cancel a shift, please use the app at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time. This policy is aimed at encouraging hospitality professionals to carefully consider the shifts they accept and prioritize their commitments.
  • Late Attendance:
    In the event that you are running late, it is essential to inform the business manager immediately. If you cannot reach your manager, kindly contact us. Failure to notify the Business or Work My Shift, may negatively impact your rating and could lead to suspension or banning.
  • Disciplinary Action:
    As a member of our network, you are expected to adhere to certain guidelines, which serve to benefit everyone. While we understand that emergencies happen, there are consequences for not complying with the rules. We reserve the right to take disciplinary action, including termination, when appropriate. Examples of actions that may result in disciplinary measures include arriving late, cancelling shifts within 48 hours, receiving numerous reported incidents, and not wearing the appropriate uniform. If you fail to show up for a shift without any communication, you will be prohibited from using the platform until further notice.

    If you feel that the Business has treated you in an unethical or illegal manner, if the working conditions are unsafe, or if you are being asked to perform anything dangerous, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service team at
  • Refunds:
    Prior to the transfer of any funds, the hospitality professional’s timesheet must be approval from the Business. It is mandatory for Businesses and Hospitality professionals to agree on the final shift duration (inclusive of breaks) before the Hospitality professionals departs from the Business, either verbally or via text. A shift symbolises an agreement between the Business and Hospitality professionals, and Work My Shift is not liable for any refunds. However, we are available to assist in facilitating refunds and can be contacted for guidance on resolving disputes between Hospitality professionals and Businesses.
  • Indemnity:
    It is the responsibility of the business operators to ensure to check and verify any accreditation a contractor must ensure it is in date and current prior to commencement of a shift.
    Work My Shift platform endeavours to keep all contractors registered to our platform compliant with current certificates and relevant working in Australia status, however it is the sole responsibility of a Venue Operator Business to check and verify any working in Australia visa status and that all compliance licencing and accreditation certificates of the contractor chosen to work their shift is valid and in date in accordance to the state and territory the work will be performed.
    Should a venue operator be audited whilst a contractor acquired from Work My Shift platform is on duty, and any accreditation or licences not current, but not limited to any breach if incurred, the venue operator indemnifies Work My Shift from any current or future liability. By registering and agreeing to the T&Cs of the agreement, a venue operator business indemnifies Work My Shift for any liability but not limited to present or future.

    This Network Guidelines Policy was last modified on June 2023.