The people behind Work My Shift: Welcome to "Work My Shift", where we are dedicated to supporting the Gaming and Wagering Industry. We offer a platform that unites people with specialized skills to pick up shifts and work around their lifestyle while fulfilling businesses' shift requirements within these specialized areas. Our founders have over 35 years of experience in various positions ranging from bartenders, baristas, gaming attendants and supervisors, gaming management, assistant and venue management, to operations management. We understand the industry from both a worker's and business management perspective, which is why we offer unique services that cater to specialized areas, connecting businesses with industry-experienced people to keep their doors open and trading. We are committed to keeping this awesome industry alive through collaborations with the Australian Hospitality Association (AHA), Victorian Gambling and Casino Commission (VGCCC), YourPlay, Venue Support Workers, Auditors, and Legal Advisors. We invite you to join our platform today to start earning an income or covering shifts as required. Don't wait any longer; register now and let "Work My Shift" take care of your job needs.